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Exeter, Devon, England

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March Newsletter

February’s meeting was somewhat unusual in that there appeared to be more equipment than people. Let me explain. Our new member Malcolm brought his drum set which was set up alongside Peter’s kit. Why two drum sets? Peter is a left handed drummer, whilst Malcolm is right handed. Having two drum sets saves the hassle of swapping over drums, cymbals etc. Sharing the drumming duties, Malcolm made a very confident start with Peter playing to his usual high standard.

The other area of “equipment” was keyboards where we had both Owen Engeham and John Kirkpatrick bringing their gear. After a bit of shuffling and moving tables we managed to fit everything in. We need to have a think about this to ensure all players have room and comfort and additionally meet health and safety requirements. On this front, I used the Acoustic Amplifier radio transmitter  (knowing we wouldn’t have an acoustic guitar and keyboard playing at the same time) to connect the keyboards to the mixing desk. This removed the need for long leads trailing across the floor.  


The turnout was slightly lower than normal with Martyn, Duncan and Ian unable to attend for various reasons. Fortunately,  Iain Purdon was able to attend looking after the Bass section with his usual high standard and in some spare time teaching me the basic Shadows walk.


We were thrilled to see Geoff Seeney’s daughter and grandson, Wendy and Charlie. Charlie has been given Geoff’s white Stratocaster which he brought to the meeting. Although just 14 years of age Charlie showed great confidence coming up to join me in rhythm  in two band sets   I am also pleased to say that we sold quite a bit of Geoff’s  gear, but still have a few bits left which I will bring to the next meeting.

Despite the slightly lower turnout, we had a very busy and enjoyable  meeting.

Regards - Adrian